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Heading to the beach with kids?

Here are 5 easy tips to follow to ensure everyone has a great time on the sand.


1. Have a small dust broom


A small, soft dust broom can help you get the last bits of sand and grit off you and your kids before getting in the car for the ride back to the rental property.


2. Freeze water bottles as ice packs


Bulky ice packs can take up too much space in your bags and coolers. Instead, try freezing water bottles and even yogurt sticks and using them as stand-in, double-duty ice packs.


3. Bring some plastic bags


Although plastic bags may be harmful to the environment, bring some along as they can be very handy in various situations. You can try to recycle the bags afterwards if able to, or dispose of them properly.


4. Bring some shade


A tent can be provide temporary respite from the sun, a place to change your toddler, or a cozy haven for a nap (children or adults).


5. Don’t plan so much


Having a too-rigid itinerary can definitely be a detriment to a fun beach trip. Have a schedule, but keep it loose and allow for spontaneity and even a bit of craziness here and there.



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Heading to Grand Isle, Louisiana to relax on the gorgeous beaches or partake in some of best fishing that the United States has to offer?


Don’t forget to pack these commonly left-behind items!


  1. Flip-flops or sandals

You don’t plan on traversing the beautiful Grand Isle beaches in your sneakers, do you? Don’t forget to pack your favorite, comfy flip-flops or sandals.

And if you forget, no worries. There’re are plenty of place to get a new pair. You’ll just have to wear them in on your stay. We’re sure you’ll have a blast doing so at Grand Isle.

  1. Device charger

There’s nothing worse than having a prime photo opp but not having enough camera power to take the shot.

Be sure you have the proper charging cords and batteries for your camera and other devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops, handheld game systems, etc.

  1. Camera memory card

If you bring a camera, chances are you’ll be snapping a lot of photos. If you run out of memory, you don’t want to have to choose which photos to delete.

Bring an appropriate amount of backup in the form of extra memory cards. If you’re bringing your laptop computer, bring the USB cable or appropriate cord to connect the two so you can transfer data to the hard drive, freeing up camera space.

  1. First-aid kit

If you’re embarking on a family adventure with young children, it’s always wise to bring a first-aid kid. A few bandages and some antiseptic can help alleviate the nigh-inevitable scrapes and boo-boos.

  1. Bathing suit or trunks

This might seem like the ultimate no-brainer, but there are people who get to Grand Isle, ready to hit the beach, but they realize they’ve forgotten something very important…

Don’t neglect to pack your bathing suit or swimming trunks.

It’s bound to happen though, so if you do forget, just head to one of the local shops to check out the latest styles.

  1. Sunscreen

Keep sunburns at bay with sunscreen and you’ll have a better time strolling along the beaches or fishing from one of the Grand Isle piers.

  1. Prescription medication

Amidst all the excitement of packing for the vacation of your dreams at Grand Isle, Louisiana, you might forget to pack something as mundane as prescription medication you may be taking. Make it a priority!

  1. Prescription medication

Amidst all the excitement of packing for the vacation of your dreams at Grand Isle, Louisiana, you might forget to pack something as mundane as prescription medication you may be taking. Make it a priority!

  1. Lip balm

Being out in the sun and eating delicious, salty food may lead to chapped lips. Don’t forget to bring your lip balm!

  1. Glasses

Don’t forget your reading glasses or contact lenses and solution. It might be very challenging to read that bestseller paperback you brought with you to enjoy while basking in the sun.

Need more tips?

“Contact us today for more tips,” says David Kedzierski, owner of Coastal Realty Group. “We’ll be happy to assist you in preparing for your trip and choosing the perfect accommodations for you.

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Ready for a fun time at Grand Isle, Louisiana’s beautiful beaches?

Check out these simple beach trip tips to make your time at the beach even more enjoyable and less stressful!

Looking for more beach trip tips and tricks to maximize the fun and minimize the hassles on your dream vacation?

Contact the helpful staff at Coastal Realty Group. We’ll work hard to make your stay unforgettable. Start your search for the perfect beach property yourself or let us assist you. We’d be happy to!

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Heading up to Grand Isle, LA for some rest and fun?

Well, amp up the FUN with these easy-to-play beach games you can play on the fabulous beaches with your kids with minimal required (and easily improvised) equipment.


1. Beach golf

Pick up some cheap golf clubs and plastic balls, and set up a fun beach golf course by digging some holes and setting up a few simple hazards.

2. Limbo

How low can you go?

This is one of the easiest beach games to set up and play. Have two adults grab a pool noodle or something to serve as a bar, and have everyone take turns trying to get under the bar (face towards the sky).

3. Beach bowling

Line up some empty water or soda bottles, and take turns rolling a ball to try and get that strike!

4. Beach towel bounce

Have multiple people grab the sides of a large beach towel. Place a breach ball in the middle and see how high you can bounce the ball.

5. Beach hopscotch

Hopscotch at the beach is great! You won’t need any chalk, and falling on the sand is no big deal.

6. Sand art

Here’s one of those beach games that’s aimed for the more artistically inclined children (and adults). Use sticks to draw art in the sand. Incorporate rocks, shells, and other items for a mixed-media experience. Kids can take turns to forge a collaborative work.

7. Treasure hunt

Provide each kid a list of items to track down. Some ideas are: shell, stick, feather, etc.


Need more hints for having fun at the beach?

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Weren’t able to schedule a summer beach trip this year?

Or maybe you did, and you want go back in the latter part of the year for more sand and fishing.

Here are some reasons why fall beach vacations are great!


  1. Lower rates
    Fall rates are usually lower than summer rates. In fact, many budget-conscious vacationers will purposely wait for non-peak times of the year to go visit the beach.
  2. Less crowded beaches
    With the majority of folks spending their beach vacations during the summer, you may have a little more privacy on the beaches.
  3. Fishing charters
    Check the rates on the fishing charters. They may be cheaper in the fall months than in the summer. You may also see some nice fish in the cooler waters.
  4. Restaurants
    You might find yourself with more personal attention and quicker service at restaurants in the off-season.
  5. Less sun
    Because there will be a decrease in the scorch factor, you will more than likely be able to stay out longer and more comfortably.


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New Year’s is right around the corner.

For those of you who were stressed out this year with last minute vacation planning, why not make a resolution to plan early this time around.


No one likes to be rushed, especially when planning for something that’s supposed to be relaxing like a beach vacation or fishing vacation. By starting your research and planning early, you can really take your time and examine all your options.

The closer you get to your target vacation date, the more pressure is on you to get the perfect rental property.

As we get away from the winter months, more and more properties will be booked. By starting early, you have the option to go ahead and book something if it suits your needs.


World class fishing and fabulous beaches

Grand Isle is regarded as one of the best fishing spots around, with over 280 species of fish in the surrounding waters. There are also plenty of exciting events like the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo that brings sportsmen from all over for friendly competition and fun for the whole family.

There are plenty of options for lodging. Rental camps with waterfront and boat access are available year-round.

And if you’re coming for the beaches, you’re in for a treat.

Yahoo! named Grand Isle one of the top 10 winter beach retreats in America. They report average highs in December and January as 67 and 63 degrees respectively.

So if you’re planning for a summer vacation, that’s great! But, if you do want to venture out during the winter months, know that Grand Isle is one of the best places to consider.


Need help planning for your Grand Isle vacation?

Whether you want to take your time and plan carefully, or if you need to rush out soon, Coastal Realty Group can assist you!

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When you’re on vacation, it’s very easy to use the fact that you’re on vacation as free license to spend money on anything and everything.

A fancy restaurant here, a few unplanned attractions there, and all manner of miscellaneous and unplanned expenses can all add up to expenditure that far surpasses your expected spending.


While spontaneity can be a good thing while you’re away from home and work, smart vacationers do have a travel budget they try to stick to.


  1. Create a daily budget

Having a hard time with the big picture when budgeting for your beach or fishing trip? Try to break it down into a daily allowance to make it easier to wrap your head around. If you do happen to go over a little on one day, take that overage out of the next day’s allowance. Likewise, if you save a little bit one day, you can allow yourself access to that extra bit on a following day. This can make it easier to adhere to your travel budget.

  1. Don’t stuff your suitcase to the max

Try to leave some extra room in your suitcase for any extra things you might buy on your vacation. The last thing you want is the need to buy extra luggage to cart your new belongings back home.

  1. Don’t forget related expenses

When budgeting and planning for your vacation, don’t forget to factor in anything you need to buy for your trip, such as new luggage, clothing, swimsuits, accessories for your electronics, and any equipment

  1. Buy some groceries

Eating out at expensive restaurants for every meal can quickly deplete your daily travel budget and leave you no room in your budget for souvenirs. Try to stop by a local grocery so you can eat in sometimes during your vacation.

  1. Don’t go overboard with souvenirs

Make a list of folks you want to buy souvenirs for. You can create a budget for these gifts as well to help you stay on track.


Are you planning to visit Grand Isle, Louisiana this the fall?

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Grand Isle, Louisiana is a veritable fishing paradise.

Fish abound in the beautiful waters at Grand Isle. Over 280 species of fish can be found, providing for plenty of variety and excitement.

Fishermen and women of all ages and expertise are welcome at Grand Isle.

You can fish from one of the piers, on boat, or even from the beach. How’s that for options?

If you need assistance, ask one of the locals for some tips and fishing advice.


Are you a newcomer to fishing and need some guidance?

No problem, there are plenty of charter fishing companies in Grand Isle that would be happy to assist you.

The Town of Grand Isle website has a list of charter companies you can contact:



The ultimate Fishing Rodeo

Grand Isle also hosts the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, the nation’s oldest fishing rodeo. You can learn more about this exciting annual event at:



A fisherman’s dream

“The awesome fishing is certainly one of the biggest attractions at Grand Isle,” said David Kedzierski, owner and realtor at Coastal Realty Group. “We have people coming at all times of the year to have fun in one of the top fishing spots in the nation.

“If you need assistance finding the perfect rental property at Grand Isle, let us know. We’re here to help.

“Give us a call at 985-787-3200. We’re a highly motivated team and provide exceptional responsiveness to your inquiries.”

Ready for an exciting retreat from your day-to-day?

Grand Isle, Louisiana awaits the adventurous and fun-seeking!


As many know (including Yahoo!), Grand Isle is one of the premier vacation destinations.

Stroll along the word class beaches and partake in absolutely incredible fishing. Over 280 species of fish can found in the waters around Grand Isle!

As if those two highlights weren’t enough, there are plenty of exciting events occurring in all parts of the year. You’re sure to find something appealing.

Entertaining events for everyone


On February 11, the Independent Mardi Gras Parade is held. The parade starts at the corner of Blackberry and Highway 1 at 1:00pm.

On March 10, Paddle Palooza Kayak Tournament will be held at Bridge Side Marina.

Artie’s Sports Bar is hosting Easter Sunrise Service on the deck overlooking the Gulf on April 1 at 7:30am. This event is hosted by the Grand Isle Community Development Team.

On April 20-22, the prestigious Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration will be held. Celebrate the peak of bird migration on their way across the Gulf of Mexico. This is a bird-lover’s dream event!

Also on April 20-22, Blessing of the Fleet will be held at Tarpon Rodeo Pavilion.

Car enthusiasts, mark May 5 on your calendar. That’s the day of the 7th Annual Cruising the Beach Car Show, held at the Tarpon Rodeo Pavilion.

On May17-19, the ABC Rodeo, occurring at Sand Dollar Marina, is an event you simply cannot miss!

Another rodeo, E.D. White Rodeo, will be held at Sand Dollar Marina on May 25-27.

For the thrift-seekers, keep May 26 open. That’s the day of the Island Wide Garage Sale!

And yet another rodeo, New Orleans Electric Association Rodeo, will be held at and Dollar marina on May 31 – June 1&2.


Be sure to check back as we highlight events from the latter half of the year.


Attending an event? Need assistance finding a Grand Isle property?


Whether you want a rental property for your beach or fishing vacation, or you’re looking for a dream home, Coastal Realty Group can assist you!

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Mark your calendars (if they aren’t already!). On April 13-15, the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo Pavilion will host the Grand Isle Blessing of the Fleet and Fair.


If you haven’t been to a Blessing of the Fleet event, you’ll be in for an absolute treat if you decide to come out to this family-friendly extravaganza! The weekend will be action-packed, full of music, food and drink, kids’ rides, carnival games, crafts… and of course, the boat blessing event.


“So, when does the fun start?”

The whole thing will kick off on Friday, April 13 with the opening ceremony at the pavilion with DJ Capt. P. There will also be auction items and music by the Gordon Bradberry Band on the opening night.


“When is the actual blessing of the fleet?”

Saturday will commence with the fair opening at 11AM. The boat blessing along with a rope throwing contest will be from 1pm to 3pm. There will be a full evening of music, along with an auction of pageant crowns and an entertaining shrimp boat decorating contest.

“What events are happening on the final day?”

The fair opens once again at 11am with DJ Capt. P. A kids crab race will be held from 1pm to 2pm. Please remember to bring your own crabs. There will be music by Waylon Thibodaux until 6pm.


“What is the price to ride the rides?”

A daily wrist band will cost $20. If you want to attend throughout the whole weekend, you can pay $50 for an all-weekend bracelet which will provide you a bit of break on the price.

There is no fee to get into the fair.


“Where can I find more information about the event?”

You can view more information about the Grand Isle Blessing of the Fleet event here: https://www.townofgrandisle.com/grand-isle-blessing-fleet-fair/.


There’s also a Facebook page dedicated to the event here: https://www.facebook.com/Grand-Isle-Blessing-of-the-Fleet-2028997500672229/.


Cute little boy and girl enjoying in funfair and riding on colorful carousel house.


Planning to check out the Grand Isle Blessing of the Fleet event?


This event marks a beginning of all manner of fun and traditional warm weather experiences.

The team at Coastal Realty Group is ready to help you find the perfect rental to accommodate your needs while you visit Grand Isle, Louisiana for these events.

Whether you need something super cozy for you and your spouse or significant other, or if you’re planning to bring a large group of friends or family, we can match you with the perfect options. Beach side or beach front a priority? Need a fishing pier or boat access? Perhaps you’re even thinking about residing in the Grand Isle area? We have you covered!


Why not give us a call today at 985-787-3200 to get started with your rental camp and property planning?


“It’s never too early to start planning for your next vacation. We’d love to help you find the perfect rental camp,” said David Kedzierski, Coastal Realty Group’s owner and rental agent.

“We’re an enthusiastic and responsive team that absolutely loves helping folks like you plan for an incredible getaway at Grand Isle, LA. We love the area, and we know you will, too!”

“Check out the great reviews as you search these rental camps. Again, we’re here to help and more than happy to give you the personal attention you deserve. Contact us today, we’re ready to help you plan the perfect getaway at Grand Isle vacation!”