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Do you like fishing? How about the beach?

Grand Isle, Louisiana is one of the top destinations for fishing and it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States.

The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo

The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, an annual fishing tournament started back in 1928, is a huge attraction for fishing enthusiasts. This event, which is scheduled on the last full weekend on July, brings in thousands of fishing fans to Grand Isle each year.
If you prefer going solo or charter fishing, there’s plenty of fun to be had. The beautiful waters in the area boast over 280 fish species. Catch them on the water or off one of the two major piers in the area.
To aid you in your fishing quest, there are many charter fishing companies to choose from, as well as bait shops and knowledgeable locals.
Of course, with all this water, there’s bound to beaches. And what lovely beaches they are!

Ready to relax in one of the top beaches?

Grand Isle is one of the only beach towns in Louisiana. And boy is it one heck of a beach! Yahoo! honored Grand Isle as one of the 10 Most Popular Islands for Summer Vacations (2015), one of America’s Top 10 winter beach retreats (2010), and one of the Top 5 Island Getaways (2011).

Have we gotten you interested?

Would you like to attend the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo? Perhaps you’d like to do your own fishing or hire a charter service? Or maybe you’d like to relax on the beautiful sand or experience the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration, where you can help welcome the arrival of thousands of migrating birds?

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Grand Isle for sale

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