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5 simple ways to have a better beach experience with kids

Heading to the beach with kids? Here are 5 easy tips to follow to ensure everyone has a great time on the sand.   1. Have a small dust broom   A small, soft dust broom can help you get the last bits of sand and grit off you and your kids before getting in the car for the ride back to the rental property.   2. Freeze water bottles...

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10 things vacationers forget to pack

Heading to Grand Isle, Louisiana to relax on the gorgeous beaches or partake in some of best fishing that the United States has to offer?   Don’t forget to pack these commonly left-behind items!   Flip-flops or sandals You don’t plan on traversing the beautiful Grand Isle beaches in your sneakers, do you? Don’t forget to pack your favorite, comfy flip-flops or sandals. And if you forget, no worries. There’re...

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7 beach trip tips and hacks

Ready for a fun time at Grand Isle, Louisiana’s beautiful beaches? Check out these simple beach trip tips to make your time at the beach even more enjoyable and less stressful! Attach your keys to floating key chain Get a set of floating key chains for your keys. They’re inexpensive, and they’ll keep your keys from sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Get a bright set to help make...

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7 simple beach games you can play with your kids

Heading up to Grand Isle, LA for some rest and fun? Well, amp up the FUN with these easy-to-play beach games you can play on the fabulous beaches with your kids with minimal required (and easily improvised) equipment.   1. Beach golf Pick up some cheap golf clubs and plastic balls, and set up a fun beach golf course by digging some holes and setting up a few simple hazards. 2. Limbo...

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5 great things about fall beach vacations

Weren’t able to schedule a summer beach trip this year? Or maybe you did, and you want go back in the latter part of the year for more sand and fishing. Here are some reasons why fall beach vacations are great!   Lower rates Fall rates are usually lower than summer rates. In fact, many budget-conscious vacationers will purposely wait for non-peak times of the year to go visit the...

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your next vacation

New Year’s is right around the corner. For those of you who were stressed out this year with last minute vacation planning, why not make a resolution to plan early this time around.   No one likes to be rushed, especially when planning for something that’s supposed to be relaxing like a beach vacation or fishing vacation. By starting your research and planning early, you can really take your time...

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5 tips to help you stick to your travel budget

When you’re on vacation, it’s very easy to use the fact that you’re on vacation as free license to spend money on anything and everything. A fancy restaurant here, a few unplanned attractions there, and all manner of miscellaneous and unplanned expenses can all add up to expenditure that far surpasses your expected spending.   While spontaneity can be a good thing while you’re away from home and work, smart...

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Are you ready for the ultimate fishing destination?

Grand Isle, Louisiana is a veritable fishing paradise. Fish abound in the beautiful waters at Grand Isle. Over 280 species of fish can be found, providing for plenty of variety and excitement. Fishermen and women of all ages and expertise are welcome at Grand Isle. You can fish from one of the piers, on boat, or even from the beach. How’s that for options? If you need assistance, ask one of the...

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A calendar full of fun 2018 events awaits!

Ready for an exciting retreat from your day-to-day? Grand Isle, Louisiana awaits the adventurous and fun-seeking!   As many know (including Yahoo!), Grand Isle is one of the premier vacation destinations. Stroll along the word class beaches and partake in absolutely incredible fishing. Over 280 species of fish can found in the waters around Grand Isle! As if those two highlights weren’t enough, there are plenty of exciting events occurring in...

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The Grand Isle Blessing of the Fleet is almost here

Mark your calendars (if they aren’t already!). On April 13-15, the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo Pavilion will host the Grand Isle Blessing of the Fleet and Fair.   If you haven’t been to a Blessing of the Fleet event, you’ll be in for an absolute treat if you decide to come out to this family-friendly extravaganza! The weekend will be action-packed, full of music, food and drink, kids’ rides, carnival...

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