When you’re on vacation, it’s very easy to use the fact that you’re on vacation as free license to spend money on anything and everything.

A fancy restaurant here, a few unplanned attractions there, and all manner of miscellaneous and unplanned expenses can all add up to expenditure that far surpasses your expected spending.


While spontaneity can be a good thing while you’re away from home and work, smart vacationers do have a travel budget they try to stick to.


  1. Create a daily budget

Having a hard time with the big picture when budgeting for your beach or fishing trip? Try to break it down into a daily allowance to make it easier to wrap your head around. If you do happen to go over a little on one day, take that overage out of the next day’s allowance. Likewise, if you save a little bit one day, you can allow yourself access to that extra bit on a following day. This can make it easier to adhere to your travel budget.

  1. Don’t stuff your suitcase to the max

Try to leave some extra room in your suitcase for any extra things you might buy on your vacation. The last thing you want is the need to buy extra luggage to cart your new belongings back home.

  1. Don’t forget related expenses

When budgeting and planning for your vacation, don’t forget to factor in anything you need to buy for your trip, such as new luggage, clothing, swimsuits, accessories for your electronics, and any equipment

  1. Buy some groceries

Eating out at expensive restaurants for every meal can quickly deplete your daily travel budget and leave you no room in your budget for souvenirs. Try to stop by a local grocery so you can eat in sometimes during your vacation.

  1. Don’t go overboard with souvenirs

Make a list of folks you want to buy souvenirs for. You can create a budget for these gifts as well to help you stay on track.


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