Heading up to Grand Isle, LA for some rest and fun?

Well, amp up the FUN with these easy-to-play beach games you can play on the fabulous beaches with your kids with minimal required (and easily improvised) equipment.


1. Beach golf

Pick up some cheap golf clubs and plastic balls, and set up a fun beach golf course by digging some holes and setting up a few simple hazards.

2. Limbo

How low can you go?

This is one of the easiest beach games to set up and play. Have two adults grab a pool noodle or something to serve as a bar, and have everyone take turns trying to get under the bar (face towards the sky).

3. Beach bowling

Line up some empty water or soda bottles, and take turns rolling a ball to try and get that strike!

4. Beach towel bounce

Have multiple people grab the sides of a large beach towel. Place a breach ball in the middle and see how high you can bounce the ball.

5. Beach hopscotch

Hopscotch at the beach is great! You won’t need any chalk, and falling on the sand is no big deal.

6. Sand art

Here’s one of those beach games that’s aimed for the more artistically inclined children (and adults). Use sticks to draw art in the sand. Incorporate rocks, shells, and other items for a mixed-media experience. Kids can take turns to forge a collaborative work.

7. Treasure hunt

Provide each kid a list of items to track down. Some ideas are: shell, stick, feather, etc.


Need more hints for having fun at the beach?

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