Ready to visit Grand Isle, Louisiana?

Great! We’d love to see you here.

As you make preparations, check out these 7 insider tips and helpful tidbits that can make your stay at Grand Isle more enjoyable and possibly save you some money and time.

1. Book early

As with any endeavor, starting early can save you from last-minute scheduling headaches and stress, and provide you with more options. Call Coastal Realty Group’s highly experienced and friendly team and we we’d be more than happy to assist you in planning your Grand Isle rentals and reviewing all your options.

2. Consider trip insurance

Related to the first tip, if you do book in advance, you may feel a bit nervous and exposed about booking so early. Even with the most careful planning, life happens and you may end up having obligations that supersede your planned vacation. Fortunately, each of Coastal Realty’s Grand Isle rentals comes with the option of purchasing trip insurance to cover eligible trip cancellations or interruptions.

3. Fishing at Grand Isle

Fishing is certainly one of the main draws here in Grand Isle, Louisiana. Fishing enthusiasts from all over visit Grand Isle every year for the many organized fishing rodeos (such as the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo) or for some relaxing solo fishing. There are several local piers from which to fish, including the old bridge fishing pier and state park pier. There’s even a handicapped fishing pier. And if you’re a fishing newbie or you just want to relax and not worry about navigation, you can enlist the talents and services of one of the numerous fishing charters in Grand Isle.

4. Kayaks, anyone?

Are you ready for an interesting mix of adventure, upper-body workout, and fishing? Take a kayak out to explore the waters in and around Grand Isle, and go fishing in new places. There are even kayak tours if you want the guided experience. A Coastal Realty Group agent can help you with more details about kayaking and fishing in Grand Isle.  There is a kayak launch located next to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Marine Fisheries Laboratory.

5. Ready to hit the beaches?

The beaches are absolutely fabulous in Grand Isle! People tend to focus on hitting the beaches in the peak summer months. However, going to Grand Isle in the fall (or even winter) months has its advantages. The beaches are less crowded, the sun is not a scorching presence above, and rental rates are typically less expensive in the cooler months.

6. Golf carts are now allowed on the beaches

For the ultimate in convenience, you can now drive golf carts on the beach! Get to where you need to go faster, easier, and in style. Please note: you’ll need to purchase a permit from the Town of Grand Isle police station. You must also adhere to the rules provided for operating the golf carts and accessing and traversing the beaches. You can bring your own cart or check with local golf cart rental vendors.

7. Don’t have room for all of those groceries?

Food is not something that’s easy to pack up and take with you, especially if you’re flying here. There’s good news for the thrift-conscious vacationer who doesn’t want to eat out at every meal! There are two grocery stores available on Grand Isle: Sureway Grocery and Island Dollar Supermarket. Stop by and pick up the essentials when you need them.

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