Weren’t able to schedule a summer beach trip this year?

Or maybe you did, and you want go back in the latter part of the year for more sand and fishing.

Here are some reasons why fall beach vacations are great!


  1. Lower rates
    Fall rates are usually lower than summer rates. In fact, many budget-conscious vacationers will purposely wait for non-peak times of the year to go visit the beach.
  2. Less crowded beaches
    With the majority of folks spending their beach vacations during the summer, you may have a little more privacy on the beaches.
  3. Fishing charters
    Check the rates on the fishing charters. They may be cheaper in the fall months than in the summer. You may also see some nice fish in the cooler waters.
  4. Restaurants
    You might find yourself with more personal attention and quicker service at restaurants in the off-season.
  5. Less sun
    Because there will be a decrease in the scorch factor, you will more than likely be able to stay out longer and more comfortably.


Interested in visiting Grand Isle, Louisiana in the fall?

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