Heading to the beach with kids?

Here are 5 easy tips to follow to ensure everyone has a great time on the sand.


1. Have a small dust broom


A small, soft dust broom can help you get the last bits of sand and grit off you and your kids before getting in the car for the ride back to the rental property.


2. Freeze water bottles as ice packs


Bulky ice packs can take up too much space in your bags and coolers. Instead, try freezing water bottles and even yogurt sticks and using them as stand-in, double-duty ice packs.


3. Bring some plastic bags


Although plastic bags may be harmful to the environment, bring some along as they can be very handy in various situations. You can try to recycle the bags afterwards if able to, or dispose of them properly.


4. Bring some shade


A tent can be provide temporary respite from the sun, a place to change your toddler, or a cozy haven for a nap (children or adults).


5. Don’t plan so much


Having a too-rigid itinerary can definitely be a detriment to a fun beach trip. Have a schedule, but keep it loose and allow for spontaneity and even a bit of craziness here and there.



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