Grand Isle, Louisiana is a veritable fishing paradise.

Fish abound in the beautiful waters at Grand Isle. Over 280 species of fish can be found, providing for plenty of variety and excitement.

Fishermen and women of all ages and expertise are welcome at Grand Isle.

You can fish from one of the piers, on boat, or even from the beach. How’s that for options?

If you need assistance, ask one of the locals for some tips and fishing advice.


Are you a newcomer to fishing and need some guidance?

No problem, there are plenty of charter fishing companies in Grand Isle that would be happy to assist you.

The Town of Grand Isle website has a list of charter companies you can contact:


The ultimate Fishing Rodeo

Grand Isle also hosts the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, the nation’s oldest fishing rodeo. You can learn more about this exciting annual event at:


A fisherman’s dream

“The awesome fishing is certainly one of the biggest attractions at Grand Isle,” said David Kedzierski, owner and realtor at Coastal Realty Group. “We have people coming at all times of the year to have fun in one of the top fishing spots in the nation.

“If you need assistance finding the perfect rental property at Grand Isle, let us know. We’re here to help.

“Give us a call at 985-787-3200. We’re a highly motivated team and provide exceptional responsiveness to your inquiries.”

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